Orrefors are the premier glass maker from Sweden and as you would expect they are into cool minimalist design. Most of what I have is of one pattern (Rhapsody).

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Description, References and Size

This is a Kosta light brown decanter with a vertically slice cut tapering cylindrical body. The stopper is a thick mushroom stopper with slice cutting to the edges to match the body. The decanter has a circular Gold coloured paper label marked Kosta Sviege. Circa.1940s.

This is not an ambitious design for a Swedish decanter. They have used a colour which feels fairly traditional as it had been used for a while, but it seems nicely balanced and is well made.

Reference: Kosta Glasbruk Catalogue 1940, page 32

Height: 9.25 inches

Width: 3.5 inches

This is a cased glass decanter of amethyst over clear glass intaglio cut with grapes and vine leaves with four dimples to the body. The blown mushroom stopper is is also radially cut to the top. Made by Kosta circa 1931.

This is a beautiful quality decanter that was made in other variations, as I have seen numerous versions of this decanter in different colours and with different motifs. It is most regulary ascribed to the maker Stevens and Williams but the best reference I have seen for it is in the Kosta 1931 catalogue. Stevens and Williams seems sexier and dealers can put a massive price on this basis. I think Kosta is correct, and they are still lovely decanters.

Reference: Kosta Glasbruk Catalogue 1931, page 157

Height: 11 inches

Width: 4.5 inches

This is a gourd shaped decanter engraved with a portrait of a renaissance gentleman. The stopper is shaped and cut to form a crown with jewels. Designed by Vicke Lindstrand and made 1955-56.

This is a super stylish decanter and I think it's super rare too. I have been told that picture is supposed to be Francis I of France. Some aspects of the likeness are not genius, but I think it's him, or at least copying his clothes.

I would like to thank Nigel Benson of 20th Century Glass for attributing this decanter for me.

Height: 11 inches

Width: 4.5 inches