Richardsons is another Stourbridge firm that not many people have heard of, and another really good maker where there is no reference book. My only reference is bits and pieces buried amongst a load of other books.

The book with the most information on Richardsons that I have is; British Glass 1800-1914 by Charles Hajdamach. Be warned though most of the wares shown are from the top of Victorian glass collectors scale of things.

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Description, References and Size

This is a pair of shaft and globe decanters, with the bottom half if the body enveloped in stylised horizontal frosted leaves of irregular lengths. The stopper has been designed in an opposing manner with the same design but upside down. Circa. 1850-70.

This irregular leaf pattern is most usually attributed to Richardsons. I don't know where that attribution comes from but I am happy to go with it, particular as from what I have read Richardsons were pioneers of this acid etching technique.

Height: 10.5 inches

Width: 4.5 inches

This is a guest carafe, with the bottom half if the body enveloped in wide stylised horizontal frosted leaves and a panel cut neck. Richardsons, circa 1850-70.

This broad leaf pattern is most usually attributed to Richardsons. As I previously stated I will take the percieved wisdom.

I don't know what to call this not quite cylinder, not quite shaft and globe shape, but it is very pleasing.

Height: 6.25 inches

Width: 4 inches

This is a frosted goblet with a vermicular pattern, with an inverse baluster stem that is panel cut. Richardsons, circa 1854-70.

Richardsons registered this vermicular pattern in 1854, which kind of gives you a steady base date for this goblet. I have seen this pattern used on many things and I don't know if Richardson's "borrowed" it from elsewhere or if it was their own invention. If it was their own invention, then kudos to them, because it is used a lot now.

Reference: British Glass, Charles Hajdamach, page 113

Height: 6.75 inches

Width: 3.5 inches